First annual meeting with the scientific advisory board of GaW 2

On January 11 at AkademiHotellet, Uppsala, Gender and Work's project leaders and members attended the first annual meeting of GaW 2 with the scientific advisory board of GaW project including special guests. The meeting was divided into two sessions. The morning session was dedicated to historians; Lars Edgren (Lund University), Ulrika Holgersson (Lund University), and Kirsti Niskanen (Stockholm University) who kindly came to Uppsala to give feedback on the book Making a Living, Making a Difference and implications for post-1800 history. The afternoon session was dedicated to GaW members who presented their work-in-progress.


Poverty as an argument, and some actual stories: An Interview with Jezzica Israelsson

“It was what I’ve been interested in from the start. It just came. I didn’t have to think about it,” said Jezzica Israelsson, the doctoral student in the Department of History at Uppsala University and latest member of the Gender and Work (GaW) project, about what brought her to early modern history. That she has written mostly about the eighteenth-century history made me wonder: Why the eighteenth century? What exactly did she write about? What is the charm of the sources she used? I sat and talked to her on one fine day afternoon in the meeting room where the project members usually gather for måndagsfika to learn more about her participation in the Gender and Work project, the fascinating results of her theses, how people in the past used poverty as an argument, and some actual stories. Click on the headline or the feature image to read the full article.