First annual meeting with the scientific advisory board of GaW 2

On January 11 at AkademiHotellet, Uppsala, Gender and Work's project leaders and members attended the first annual meeting of GaW 2 with the scientific advisory board of GaW project including special guests. The meeting was divided into two sessions. The morning session was dedicated to historians; Lars Edgren (Lund University), Ulrika Holgersson (Lund University), and Kirsti Niskanen (Stockholm University) who kindly came to Uppsala to give feedback on the book Making a Living, Making a Difference and implications for post-1800 history. The afternoon session was dedicated to GaW members who presented their work-in-progress.


The Perks of Being a Detective: An Interview with Carl Mikael Carlsson

Sherlock Holmes, Auguste Dupin, Hercule Poirot—these names may or may not come up when we think of famous detectives, but I’m sure you have never heard of the detective named ‘Micke’ or Carl Mikael Carlsson. He investigates plenty of court cases from the Early modern period, analyzes them, and fills them in the database. Apart from the job he enjoys, he also co-produced a musical based on his doctoral dissertation as a side project. I’m curious now. What does he do with these big computer screens? What are the findings he got from studying ordinary people's lives in the past centuries? What kind of detective creates a musical from their cases? To answer this question, I talk to this detective or, as others put it, historian. Click on the headline or the feature image to read the full interview.