First annual meeting with the scientific advisory board of GaW 2

On January 11 at AkademiHotellet, Uppsala, Gender and Work's project leaders and members attended the first annual meeting of GaW 2 with the scientific advisory board of GaW project including special guests. The meeting was divided into two sessions. The morning session was dedicated to historians; Lars Edgren (Lund University), Ulrika Holgersson (Lund University), and Kirsti Niskanen (Stockholm University) who kindly came to Uppsala to give feedback on the book Making a Living, Making a Difference and implications for post-1800 history. The afternoon session was dedicated to GaW members who presented their work-in-progress.


Maria Ågren: Warm welcome to the spring semester and a brief talk on the book ‘The State as Master’

At the very start of this spring semester, we talked to Maria Ågren, Professor of History and one of the three Gender and Work project leaders, about GaW’s activities last semester and her ambition to go on creating a pleasant atmosphere in academia by organizing as well as participating in several conferences throughout this spring semester. Also, she just had her new book published! Let us hear some words from her.

News: Seminar on “Hus och hushåll i tidigmoderna städer: Sverige, 1600-1850”

On November 16, 2017, at the department of history, Dag Lindström (Uppsala University), Göran Tagesson (Arkeologena SHMM), and Per Cornell (Göteborgs University) presented their research project “Hus och hushåll i tidigmoderna städer: Sverige, 1600-1850” which combines and integrates archeology and history, and questions how the construction of houses in each stage and the use of space reveal family history and people’s living conditions before 1850. Thank you all for participating in the seminar!

News: Gender and Work project leader talks at ‘Time-Us’ conference in Aix-en-Provence last week

Gender and Work project leader Maria Ågren and language technologist Eva Pettersson were invited to ‘Time-Us’ conference in Aix-en-Provence on 20th and 21st October, 2017. They presented the GaW project to a group of French scholars who are starting up a similar project. The conference was organized by Manuela Martini of Université Lumière in Lyon, who is in the picture with Ågren, and Anne Montenach of Université Aix-Marseille. Thank you very much for inviting us!